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Fly with your Angels, Swim with the Dolphins™ is one of the longest running Ohana operated tour services on Hawaii Island. For us, it is much more than our pleasure - it's our passion. We've managed to pass along cultural knowledge and respect for the sacredness of this paradise since the late 80's.  You have searched for the perfect getaway, adventure, healing retreat, dolphin swim, and nothing seems right. You do not want to be in a group. Or you have your own group. OR you do not want to be alone. You do not want to worry, you want to feel safe and you want to have fun. We can help!

Akaka Falls. Hawaii

Kahuna Faith Paulele Ordained Christian Minister, Self-Actualization Counselor, Reiki Master, Tibetan Khadroma (Skywalker) for 27 years. Ordained Kahu at Hale o Keawe, 2/7/98 by Kahu Lanakila and Kahu Kokua Hokunoeau Brandt at Pu'uhonua O Honaunau previously known as Place of Refuge. Trained in Po'ohuna, Faith strives to transcend secular behavior and embraces all religions, traditions and practices. Auntie Faith maintains a private counseling practice and teaches Tibetan Tantric Yoga, "The Diamond Way" and "The Instant School of Enlightenment©" Aunty Faith is available by phone for life-coaching, angel readings, healing, mothering.

What People are Saying ...

"I liked the very caring and protective energy you surrounded us with. I will certainly know a real healer and priest when I meet one now... as you are, Faith... a real healer and priest."
-Sylvia Muller, Austria
"A fellow QiGong teacher introduced me to Faith and said she was the 'real thing'. Faith gave me the 'present', he was right! Faith didn't change my life, she changed the moment. She can do the same for you if you pay attention.
--Dr. Tom Seal, Seattle, WA

"I liked that you were flexable and combined evening activities because the Angels could move differently than you expected. I loved all of this. I was ready for more Tantic Wednesday night. I was totally blown away at the care, beauty and considered eclecticism of these ceremonies.
-- Cynthia Hogue, Language Arts Prof. 

Kahu Faith Paulele